Scanners for Students

The Greenville County College Fair is pleased to announce an exciting upgrade for our college fair. We will now offer the barcode and scanner program for registration and data collection at our college fair. This free service for students offers the opportunity to provide more detailed information and even elaborate on interests, extra-curricular activities, special accomplishments etc. With a few quick clicks, students fill out an online registration form just once. This generates a personalized barcode that each student can print or display on their Smartphone and present to colleges at the fair.  Recruiters quickly collect information using a scanning device.  No need for students to complete prospect cards at every table.

How does this work?

  • Students access website
  • Click on the “Student Register Now” button
  • Select state and choose the fair to attend
  • Complete the registration form (students may decide to complete only mandatory questions)
  • Check the “terms and conditions box” and submit the form
  • The barcode is displayed – they print the barcode and they’re done!

If each student at the fair uses a barcode, this process will improve:

  • To increase face-to-face interaction
  • The exchange of accurate, legible information
  • To shorten the time in long lines to speak to a college representative
  • The creation of valuable time to talk to the admissions counselor
  • The opportunity to learn more about their schools of interest
  • The efficiency at the college fair

We encourage students to register early in the summer without worry of misplacing their barcodes.  Two days prior to the fair, a reminder email is sent to each registered student with their personal barcode attached.

Counselors have the ability to know which students are registered.  Sign up for a free account by selecting the “Counselor” button on the homepage.

Counselors will also have the ability to:

  • View all the registered students at your school
  • Print a single barcode
  • Bulk print all barcodes
  • View registration of your students by event
  • Bulk print by event
  • Register students for another fair
  • NEW Express Student Pre-Registration: In a few easy steps, you can pre-register your students for the fair(s) they will attend. No more chasing down students to remind them of the important registration process. Simply upload your excel spreadsheet and we will produce a registration for all of your students. Closer to the fair, we will remind them to complete their profile and provide them an email link to access the page with the data you provide prefilled. Things just got easier for you AND your students. –

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact the GoToCollegeFairs team at (888) 601-0200 with any questions.