Scanners for Students

The Greenville County College Fair is pleased to announce an exciting upgrade for our college fair. We will now offer the barcode and scanner program for registration and data collection at our college fair. This free service for students offers the opportunity to provide more detailed information and even elaborate on interests, extra-curricular activities, special accomplishments etc. With a few quick clicks, students fill out an online registration form just once. This generates a personalized barcode that each student can print or display on their Smartphone and present to colleges at the fair.  Recruiters quickly collect information using a scanning device.  No need for students to complete prospect cards at every table.

How does this work?

Use the graphic below to acces the registration form or follow the directions below the graphic.

  • Students access website
  • Complete the registration form (students may decide to complete only mandatory questions)
  • Submit the form
  • The barcode is displayed –  print the barcode and your are done!

If each student at the fair uses a barcode, this process will improve:

  • To increase face-to-face interaction
  • The exchange of accurate, legible information
  • To shorten the time in long lines to speak to a college representative
  • The creation of valuable time to talk to the admissions counselor
  • The opportunity to learn more about their schools of interest
  • The efficiency at the college fair

We encourage students to register early.