Scanner Equipment for Colleges

The Greenville County College Fair is pleased to announce an exciting change for our 2019 College Fair.  We are offering as a way to streamline the registration and data collection process for sponsored events.  This process be streamlined for the colleges, free to the student, and increase efficiency at the college fair.  Students can provide more detailed information and even elaborate on interests, extra-curricular activities, special accomplishments etc. about themselves.

With a few quick clicks, students fill out an online registration form just once.  This process generates a barcode that each student can print or display on their smartphone and present to colleges at the fair.  Recruiters quickly collect information using a scanning device.  No need for students to complete prospect cards at every table.

In as little as two business days, colleges are emailed an excel spreadsheet and csv file (you choose the format that works best for your admissions office systems) with the student data they collected.

This process significantly expedites the exchange of information between students and institutions, allows for more meaningful conversation between college representatives and students, and eliminates wasted time filling out the same info at every table again and again.  It is a great benefit to both the students and the colleges, streamlining the process for all!

As for the scanning devices, there are three different rental options available.

  • The smartphone app (iPhone & android platform) – This continues to be the preferred scanning device.  This option offers the greatest functionality and brings features not available on the handheld scanners.  This option is worth consideration if you have not yet experienced it.
  • The premium scanner – It remains a strong option for many admissions offices.  If you opt to use this scanner type during the Fall season, order early as these scanners tend to sell out in the late summer months.
  • The standard scanner –brings affordability and convenience. is happy to offer this scanner to the market again.

Address Verification – This is a unique feature that converts the student’s self-reported address to USPS bulk mail compliant format, for a VERY low seasonal fee, no limit on the number of records converted.

Visit  to determine which rental option is right for you.  Please call the GoToCollegeFairs team at (888) 601-0200 if you have any questions.  You may also visit  for helpful hints, additional resources and general FAQ’S.

We look forward to welcoming you to Greenville in the fall!